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1 product

Did you know that humans aren’t the only ones who can use CBD? While humans may be the number-one CBD consumers on earth, any vertebrate can safely enjoy a tasty CBD-infused treat. While we’ve been focused on making high-quality CBD products for humans, our pets have been begging us to include them.

So we did! Our CBD pet products are 100 percent hemp derived to provide the highest possible quality to our furry friends. We offer an array of different concentrations catered to everything from small pets, like mice and hamsters, to large animals, like working breed dogs and horses. No pet needs to be left out of the CBD boom!

Additionally, all nu-x® products contain less than .3 percent delta-9-THC to comply with federal laws. A dose of THC that low means that owners never need to worry about their pets experiencing any psychoactive effects. Additionally, the top of every bottle contains a handy liquid measuring dropper. That way, owners can make sure that they’re giving their pets the same amount of CBD every time.

Our CBD-infused pet products make great treats for any pet who has been a particularly good boy or girl recently. They also make great incentives and rewards for owners who want to teach their pet some new tricks. Fussy eater? No problem. Just add some CBD to a pet’s food to add a delicious new layer of flavor and fun to dry or wet food. Additionally, nu-x® CBD pet products also make a great gift for any pet owner.

At nu-x®, we’re dedicated to the quality of our products and the transparency of our operations. To that end, we send every product to a third-party lab for component testing. This determines the exact chemical breakdown of every nu-x® product. That way, pet owners never need to wonder what they’re giving their pet. Check out the exact makeup of every nu-x® pet product on our website!