Caffeine Inhalers

Caffeine Inhalers

Caffeine and smoke are a classic combination that men and women have enjoyed for centuries. However, finding the time to brew your own coffee can be difficult in today’s fast-paced world, and no one likes waiting in line to buy a cup of overpriced joe.

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Caffeine and Vitamin B12

At nu-x®, we’ve discovered a solution. We’ve combined caffeine and vitamin B12 in a single package – our Caffeine Inhalers. We’ve utilized cutting-edge vape technology to add caffeine to two inhalable forms: our Café B12 Inhaler and our Energy Drink B12 Inhaler.

For some people, overdoing caffeine, particularly the kind of caffeine found in most energy drinks, can prove unhealthy for the brain and other bodily organs. 

Most people consume caffeine in the form of coffee and energy drinks to enjoy an energizing pick-me-up to feel active and energetic.

Potentially Better Alternative

  • Nu-X ENERGY presents you with a solution to get your daily caffeine boost that could be more wholesome, hassle-free, and convenient than brewing coffee. Crafted with an innovative delivery method, this caffeine inhaler is a personalized solution to recharge your energy levels and get your dose of caffeine. It offers a superior way to channel your daily energy consumption.
  • ENERGY comes with numerous potential benefits to help you power each day with renewed focus and enhanced energy, so you can address your caffeine consumption needs with a more innovative solution. There are many drawbacks to conventional caffeine consumption, so it is crucial to seek an improved energy consumption alternative.
  • ENERGY allows you to recharge your mind and body without consuming sugar and calories. It is perfectly aligned with the rigorous demands of maintaining physical fitness and maintaining a wholesome diet. ENERGY allows coffee and energy drink addicts to get their caffeine fix without the unnecessary calories and sugar intake, which can wreak havoc on their fitness regimens.

How many Puffs?

Each of our Caffeine Inhalers offers 200 puffs of silky-smooth vapor charged with the power of caffeine. They offer a portable, reliable way to keep your caffeine on-the-go in a low-mess package. Additionally, they each contain zero calories and are vegan-friendly, adhering to even the strictest dietary needs.

Why inhale caffeine?

Inhaling caffeine offers several advantages over ingesting it. Vaping caffeine means that it’s absorbed through the lungs instead of the stomach. It also doesn’t have to pass through the liver before reaching the bloodstream. That means it has a faster onset, lasts longer, and feels more powerful.

How Does Caffeine Inhaler Work?

ENERGY comes with 200 puffs, which are equivalent to 20 cups of coffee or 20 energy drinks. 

Isn't that incredible?

You can get your caffeine fix instantly, without spending on energy drinks and without the hassle of fixing an early morning cup of joe. The innovative delivery system could be much more efficient and lighter than ingesting the caffeine obtained through coffee that could prove harmful for the digestive system's health for some people.

The best part: it comes with zero calories, which makes it an ideal caffeine fix for all kinds of diets, be it keto, paleo, or others. Vegans have much to rejoice with this vegan-friendly caffeine formula. Most importantly, it is lab-verified to ensure attention to detail to maintain quality standards.

What does Vitamin B12 do?

Vitamin B12 is responsible for maintaining nerve and blood cell health throughout the body. Without it, the body is prone to issues like anemia. The addition of B12 in our Caffeine Inhalers helps to temper the jumpy jitters normally associated with caffeine. Caffeine can naturally deplete B12 levels in the body, leading to sluggish exhaustion. By infusing our Caffeine Inhalers with B12, we’ve worked to pre-emptively counteract this process.

How much Caffeine is in a Puff?

With 10 puffs equivalent to a cup of coffee, each inhaler contains the same caffeine as 20 cups of coffee. That allows you to consume caffeine your way, with greater control over your experience than ever before. We recommend a maximum of about 10 puffs per hour. In addition, don’t exceed more than a single inhaler in a 24-hour period.

Caffeine Fix Made Simpler

ENERGY satisfies your caffeine needs simpler, more efficient, and more convenient. All you need are ten puffs per hour to enjoy the caffeine amount you would typically get with 1 cup of coffee. It is ideal to inhale no more than ten puffs within an hour, and one inhaler can last for 24 hours.

The ENERGY inhaler does not expose you to various harmful ingredients commonly found in other inhalable products. 

These include:

  • Diacetyl
  • Nicotine
  • Vitamin E Acetate

The formula is infused with caffeine and vitamin B12. As a result, these caffeine inhalers are a better caffeine fix that will energize your mind and invigorate your body. You can now enjoy the energizing benefits of caffeine without potential struggles with sleeplessness, insomnia, excessive bouts of fatigue, and rapidly dropping energy levels.

Powered with cutting-edge technology, the ENERGY inhaler combines caffeine with the enriching benefits of Vitamin B12, known for its ability to help you maintain a healthy gut and effective functioning of your digestive system. 

Each caffeine inhaler is made to deliver 200 puffs charged with powerful bouts of caffeine to awaken your mind and power your body with energy. This vegan-friendly inhaler offers a low-mess package that allows you to enjoy your caffeine fix on-the-go. It is an excellent travel companion for caffeine lovers, as you can take it along your outdoor adventures and your metropolitan journeys.

It is even well-suited for the strictest dietary restrictions, common among some people who suffer from various medical conditions.

Inhaling Caffeine: Innovative & Convenient

Inhaling caffeine is a much more convenient and efficient alternative to ingesting caffeine through coffee and energy drinks. You see, inhaling could allow caffeine to get readily absorbed through your lungs, which could make it more potent and energizing.

On the other hand, when you consume caffeine with coffee or energy drinks, it passes through the liver. As a result, it reaches the bloodstream and settles in the stomach, burdening the digestive system with a hard-digestive process. In contrast, inhaling caffeine could make you feel more powerful and energized as it provides instant stimulation, and the effects last much longer. These pre-charged caffeine inhaler pens are disposable, making them a highly efficient and convenient, portable option. They come with pre-charged batteries to make sure you never run out of power, and in effect, never go without your much-needed energy dose!

Are these Pens Disposable?

Pre-charged batteries mean that you never need to worry about running out of power. Their disposable nature means that you don’t need to worry about discarded junk piling up – just toss empty inhalers into the trash when you’re done.

What does it taste like?

Our Café B12 Inhaler offers the traditional tones of freshly-brewed coffee in a rich, smooth puff of smoke. For more adventurous caffeine enthusiasts, our Energy Drink B12 Inhaler captures the flavor essence of energy drinks with a fruity punch.

What ingredients are in it?

Both of our Caffeine Inhalers are made without ingredients like nicotine, diacetyl, and vitamin E acetate. If you want to learn more about the ingredients in our Caffeine Inhalers, you can find a complete chemical breakdown verified by third-party labs on our website.

For a winning combination of vitality and focus, check out our advanced Caffeine B12 Inhalers here.

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