CBD Shots

CBD Shots

About our CBD Shots

Our CBD-infused shots are a convenient and economical way to consume CBD. They’re small and portable, designed for on-the-go professionals in today’s fast-paced world.


Kick back with the chilled-out vibes of our Relax CBD shot, featuring 30 milligrams of CBD per bottle. They’re perfect for helping you through a stressful day or decompressing after work. The lip-smacking blueberry flavor of our Relax CBD shot makes it a savory addition to any regimen.

For anyone who needs a jolt of caffeine without its usual jitters and crash, our Awake shot offers the perfect solution. Keeping a busy schedule is easy with our Awake shot. With 150 milligrams of caffeine and 30 milligrams of CBD in every bottle, our Awake shots can kickstart a productive day without inducing the dreaded crash typical of coffee or energy drinks. They also feature a delicious tasty mango flavor that compliments the powerful, earthy natural flavor of hemp.

How can I Take CBD Shots?

Taking CBD orally is one of the easiest ways to deliver it into your body. Just pop the top off a bottle and enjoy. You can drink our CBD-infused shots in one sitting or over a longer span of time.

When you drink a CBD-infused drink, the stomach absorbs it and filters it through the liver before sending it to the bloodstream. Taking CBD orally typically results in an onset between 20 and 30 minutes and with a lasting duration between 4 and 8 hours. 

Serving Suggestions

The average serving size for CBD ranges between 20 and 30 mg depending on the height and weight of the user. That means that each 2 oz CBD-infused shot contains about one serving of CBD each. 

Our CBD-infused shots come pre-measured with 30 mg of CBD in each bottle to ensure the same experience every time. In addition, our Awake shot also contains 150 mg of caffeine in each bottle, which is slightly more than the average cup of coffee.


Strict diet? No problem. We make our CBD-infused shots using non-GMO, vegan ingredients. We use full-spectrum hemp extract, sourced entirely from American farms that adhere to the federal government’s strict CBD regulations.

Sometimes, there’s no time for the store. That’s why we ship our CBD shots anywhere in the country that US laws allow. Purchase more than $50 in a single order, and shipping’s on us.

Like all of our products at Nu-X®, our CBD-infused shots are tested by third-party labs to determine their chemical makeup and have no detectable levels of THC. If you’re interested in learning more about the complete breakdown of our CBD-infused shots, check out the test results on our website.

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4 products