Natural CBN + CBD Tincture
Natural CBN + CBD Tincture
Natural CBN + CBD Tincture
Natural CBN + CBD Tincture
Natural CBN + CBD Tincture
Natural CBN + CBD Tincture

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Natural CBN + CBD Tincture

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nu-x®'s Natural Flavored CBN + CBD Tinctures contains the benefits of CBN with the added benefits of CBD. 

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Available in the Following Strengths:

50MG CBN + 1000MG CBD

100MG CBN + 1000MG CBD

300MG CBN + 1000MG CBD

Product Details:

  • Natural Flavored
  • 30ml Bottle 
  • MCT Oil
  • Non-GMO and Vegan 
  • Sugar-Free and Alcohol-Free
  • Broad Spectrum CBD sourced from hemp grown in the USA
  • THC Non-Detected
  • Third-Party Tested Hemp Extract

  • About our CBN Tincture

    CBN is another cannabinoid that’s drawing attention of consumers. At nu-x® we recognized the huge impact that CBN is making in the industry. That gave us an idea – what if we added CBN to our existing line of high quality hemp tinctures?

    After spending some time brainstorming, this is our result. Each 30-milliliter bottle of this hemp tincture is also infused with three different concentrations of CBN. Newbies who are just starting out can try our 50-milligram bottles. More experienced users can step up the strength of their tincture with our 100-milligram offering. And for CBN veterans, our 300-milligram tincture offers the perfect amount for someone who knows what they’re doing. With 1000 milligrams of Hemp per bottle, users can be sure that they’re getting an elite combination.

    As always, our CBN-infused tinctures are 100 percent hemp-derived. We also infused hemp’s natural flavors in this tincture to give our customers an authentic hemp experience. To comply with federal laws, each tincture contains less than 0.3 percent THC. That way, users can be sure that they won’t experience any unwanted psychoactive effects.


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    Lab reports

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