Awake CBD Shot (1oz) - Tangerine Flavor

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Awake CBD Shot (1oz) - Tangerine Flavor

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Nu-X®'s Awake 30MG CBD Shot creates the perfect blend between CBD, caffeine and other natural energy ingredients. The fresh mango flavor allows for a pleasant and tasty experience. Awake is the perfect product for those seeking the benefits of CBD while maintaining a busy schedule. Whether you are powering up for a workout or need an extra boost of energy, Awake will help you get there. Our 1oz Full Spectrum shots are 100% Hemp Derived. 

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Available in the Following Strengths: 
30MG Full Spectrum CBD + 150MG Caffeine  

Product Details:

  • Tangerine Flavored
  • 1oz (30ml) Bottle 
  • Non-GMO and Vegan 
  • Full Spectrum CBD sourced from hemp grown in the USA
  • THC Non-Detected
  • Third-Party Tested Hemp Extract

    About our CBD Caffeine Shot

    Need a boost without the jitters? Each 1 ounce bottle of this succulent-sweet shot holds 150 mg of caffeine to sharpen your senses balanced with 30 mg of CBD. A blend of additional energy-enhancing ingredients ensures that you’ll stay focused and avoid a caffeine crash.

    Coffee is old news. Certainly, the mainstay morning beverage has helped men and women around the world start their days for centuries. And for a while, it worked. 

    However, coffee is not without its problems. Once you slug that first cup, coffee has you in its clutches for the rest of the day. You have to brew cup after cup just to ward off the dreaded coffee crash.

    Even if you’ve tried to make the switch to energy drinks, you’re not safe. In fact, these sugar-packed beverages may induce an even worse crash than you’d expect from a cup of coffee.

    But what if that crash never came? With our Nu-X® Awake On the Go CBD-Infused Caffeine Energy Shot, it doesn’t have to. Each bottle is packed with 150 mg of caffeine to help you enter turbo mode. Once the caffeine’s effects begin to wane, 30 mg of CBD gets to work as your landing gear.

    For hours of energy without a debilitating crash, choose nu-x’s On the Go CBD Infused Awake Energy Shot. And if you want to chill on the caffeine, check out our On the Go CBD Infused Relax shot with 30 mg of CBD.

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