Guide to Inhalable Caffeine

Inhalable caffeine is one of the most interesting new vape products to hit shelves over the last few years. However, it’s generated less interest than e-cigs and other forms of vaporized nicotine. As a result, caffeine inhalers are poorly understood compared to other vape devices. That’s why we outlined some key points below in our guide to inhalable caffeine. 

Background to Inhalable Caffeine

Humans have used caffeine for an energizing boost since the 15th century. In fact, caffeine is often credited as one of the driving forces behind the Renaissance. With the added energy boost caffeine provided, human science and culture progressed with massive leaps in timespans.

However, there have been relatively few innovations since then. Humans were content to drink coffee for the next five hundred years. During that time, the biggest advancement in caffeine was the advent of the energy drink in the 2000s. The next paradigm shift for caffeine was just a few years away, though.

Like vaping in general, inhalable caffeine rose to prominence in the 2010s. In fact, Caffeine Inhalers had become so popular by 2015 that the New York Times ran an article about inhalable caffeine, touting them as “a Red Bull for the lungs.” ref:

What is a Caffeine Inhaler?

caffeine inhalable pen coffee flavored by nu-xA Caffeine Inhaler is a small vaporizer about the size of a pen or flash drive. These portable pens contain an impressive amount of technology for such a small package. Each Caffeine Inhaler is a system containing miniaturized vaporizer components. A pre-charged battery sends power to a heating element, which vaporizes a small tank of e-liquid. A microprocessor regulates the temperature within the unit to ensure it doesn’t overheat. 

In contrast to most e-cigarette juice, the e-liquid featured in caffeine inhalers rarely contains nicotine. Instead, many companies opt to include helpful compounds like vitamin B12.

While Caffeine Inhalers use the same technology as e-cigarettes, they generally don’t contain any nicotine. Their caffeine doesn’t come from coffee, either. It’s usually made from plant extracts, like taurine, guarana, and ginseng – the same combos that many energy drinks utilize.

Differences Between Drinking and Inhaling Caffeine

Indeed, Caffeine Inhalers have several advantages over a cup of coffee or energy drink.

First, unless you’re drinking your coffee black, you’re probably not maximizing its effects. Most coffee is watered down with either milk or some other kind of mixer. This means that if you order an 8-ounce latte, you’re not actually getting 8 ounces worth of caffeine.

There are even some differences between inhalable and oral caffeine on a biological level. When you eat or drink caffeine, your stomach absorbs it, filters it through your liver, and sends it onwards into your bloodstream. This entire process can take more than 30 minutes, leaving oral caffeine with an extremely slow onset time.

In contrast, vaping caffeine means that your body will absorb it through your lungs. Instead of filtering it through your liver, it’ll head straight to your bloodstream. As a result, inhaling caffeine means that you’ll feel its effects set in faster and more powerfully than if you’d drank it. Inhaling caffeine allows a user to feel its effects in 5 minutes or less.

Inhaling caffeine also allows a user to remain more in-tune with their body than drinking it. Because drinking caffeine causes the body to filter it through the liver, there’s actually a delay between when a user consumes it and when they feel it.

During that time, a caffeine user may consume even more caffeine, thinking that they need a higher dosage to get the effect they want. The end result is ingesting more caffeine than they originally needed, inducing unwanted effects like jitters and sweats. Inhaling caffeine, however, can help prevent this problem.

Our Caffeine Inhalers

caffeine inhalable pen energy flavored by nu-xInterested in trying inhalable caffeine? At nu-x, we offer two types of Caffeine Inhalers: Café, which harnesses the smooth, rich flavor of coffee and Energy Drink, designed with fans of super-charged soft drinks in mind. They come pre-charged and filled with 200 puffs each – that’s the equivalent of about 20 cups of coffee. Both of our Caffeine Inhalers are non-GMO, adhere to vegan diets, and feature no nicotine. Shop our full line of inhalers at