Cooking with CBD edibles

Cooking with CBD edibles

So you want to start cooking with CBD but aren’t sure where to start? First, think about why you want to begin cooking with CBD. Was it something you heard or read about it? Have a friend told you about CBD oil-infused food or introduced it to you in a meal they prepared using CBD edibles? Once you know your reason for thinking of CBD as a necessity in your life, you’ll treat it as such, and cooking with it will be a meaningful experience. You’ll commit to it, begin to make your recipes, and get what you want from having CBD in your diet.

Cooking with CBD does not have to be intimidating or challenging. After learning some do’s and don'ts about how to interact with the extract, you’ll be all set to put it in your favorite dish. There are many ways to get into consuming CBD products without ever having to turn on your stove. Make some snacks or beverages to give it a try before going full force with making CBD oil an absolute lifestyle staple. 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the basic hemp-derived CBD products. This extract does not have psychoactive effects on the consumer because it contains less than 0.3 percent THC. CBD is commonly combined with well-known carrier oils like coconut or olive oil to create a more concentrated product, sometimes referred to as a tincture. 

Carrier oils get their name from being a good foundation for other oils that are very potent and not recommended for use in their pure form. Pure CBD is rich enough to need a base oil to tame it so people can enjoy it without being overwhelmed. The CBD extract can be more easily absorbed when paired with a carrier oil. It is a fat-soluble substance, so it will dissolve in a fatty oil and be distributed to the appropriate tissues in your body. CBD oils have been carefully curated to get the most of what it has to offer.

How to cook with CBD

Cooking with CBD

CBD comes in various forms, such as CBD isolate powder, crystals, oils, or capsules/pills, to name a few. CBD edible products can also be full-spectrum or broad-spectrum, When cooking with CBD, choosing the oil is the way to go. You can purchase bottles of CBD oils that are already correctly rationed with subtle doses of CBD extract and a carrier oil to avoid having to measure anything if you don't know how much CBD you need to take. 

Just be mindful of the other oils used in these tinctures, as some can be harmful to you based on food allergies or potentially illegal substances like THC. If you are more knowledgeable of CBD and prefer to concoct your oils at home, you can purchase the full-spectrum CBD extract and add a few drops of carrier oil of your choice, then mix to combine the oils evenly and begin using in your food. Buying ready CBD oils is a great place to start as a beginner wanting to incorporate CBD into your diet.

An important thing to note about CBD is that its potency may be altered if exposed to heat. Though there’s not enough evidence to support this theory, it is recommended not to heat it past 320 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid disturbing its compounds. Overheating may ruin any potential benefits of the herbal liquid, which is the whole point of using CBD products internally. Don’t be discouraged by this factor, as there are several ways to still include CBD oil into your food that needs heat preparation. 

Since CBD may be less effective after reaching a certain temperature when CBD interacts with a heat source, it is best to add the oil in other parts of the dish that don’t need to be cooked. For example, when baking desserts, you’ll need to put your batter into the oven at some point to cook it through and make it safe for consumption.

Instead of adding the CBD oil into the pie mixture before baking it, pour a few drops of the oil into the bowl ahead of your bowl of egg whites before folding them into your whipped cream for your meringue topping. You will still get to ingest the CBD while retaining the integrity of the tincture. If baking isn’t your thing, some no-cook food options will make a fantastic vehicle for CBD products: syrups, salad dressings, and salsa. Here’s a delicious recipe for a salsa featuring CBD, the perfect addition for any taco night.

Cooking with CBD: CBD Mango Salsa Recipe

You’ll need these ingredients:

  • 1 mango that’s ripe, peeled, and diced
  • ¼ cup of white diced onions
  • 1 tbsp of chopped cilantro
  • ½ of a jalapeño seeded and chopped
  • 2 diced tomatoes
  • 2 juiced key limes
  • ⅛ tsp of salt
  • Nu-x CBD Tincture Mango Flavor (2-4 drops)

To prepare: 

  1. Grab a large mixing bowl and add the mangoes, onions, jalapeños, and tomatoes. 
  2. Give them a toss to incorporate the ingredients nicely. 
  3. Next, sprinkle the cilantro on top of the fresh ingredients and stir it in well. 
  4. Drizzle the key lime juice over your mixture to brighten it up. 
  5. Add your salt to wake up the flavors and give a light stir. 
  6. Now set the bowl aside in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to allow everything to meld together and enhance the taste. 
  7. After the allotted time has passed, take out your bowl of salsa and add a bit of your Nu-x Mango Tincture, then serve.

Another method for keeping CBD edibles away from heat is to add the product to cooled down liquids or foods. Breakfast meals often hit room temperature quickly after coming off of the stove. Oatmeal is usually cool enough to eat minutes after being prepared. 

Oats are a great meal to fuel your body at the start of your day. They’ll keep you full for hours, and you can customize them to your taste. Whether you like nuts and chocolate to top it off, mixed berries, or fresh tropical fruit, oatmeal is the perfect dish to integrate CBD oil. Here’s a tasty oatmeal recipe that includes the best way to fit CBD oil into your morning meal.

Cooking with CBD: CBD Berry Oatmeal RecipeCBD Berry Oatmeal Recipe

This recipe calls for only eight ingredients to prepare a CBD-infused breakfast: 


  • Blueberries 
  • Sliced Bananas 
  • Mixed berries
  • Tropical fruit

To prepare: 

  1. To start, you’ll need a saucepan to cook your oatmeal. First, pour your milk and water into the pan and put your burner on high. You want to bring the liquids to a boil before reducing them to low heat. 
  2. Stir in your oats for a few seconds to coat them in the milk and water mixture. 
  3. Next, pour in your brown organic cane sugar to flavor the oatmeal and stir a few times. 
  4. Then add your raisins and mix them in until evenly distributed. 
  5. After adding those ingredients, you want to continue to let your meal cook until the oats are soft. It may take about 7 minutes total. You can see the oats solidify around that time which indicates they are more delicate in texture. Feel free to taste or feel the oats to ensure it doesn’t need a few more minutes of cooking before removing the pan from the stove. 
  6. Once the oatmeal is ready, serve it in a bowl and let it stand for 3-5 minutes to cool.
  7. When the oatmeal is warm, not hot, add in some Nu-x Tincture Blue Raspberry Flavor, sprinkle on your toppings, and serve breakfast. Take a big bite and enjoy!

Unique CBD-infused Foods for Pets and Humans

You can infuse CBD in just about any food or beverage. Many cool items contain CBD, like flaming hot chips, sour candies, and more. Adding some CBD oil to your go-to treat is probably the best way to test using the cannabinoid in your food.  

Chips and Popcorn with CBD  Chips and Popcorn with CBD

Snacks are a big part of people’s diets. They are a great way to stave off hunger in between meals or satisfy a salty or sweet craving. Chips and popcorn are some of the most popular snacks around. In choosing to stay healthy, you can make your popcorn or chips at home and add in some CBD oil for good measure. Take some freshly baked kale chips or popcorn and drizzle a little CBD oil over the top before adding your seasonings. Toss it with your fingers, then dig in.

Dips with CBD Oil

Dips are a classic party dish but make an excellent snack choice for even a party of one: French onion and spinach dip pair well with some tortilla chips or pita bread. If wings are your appetizer, ranch or blue cheese are the obvious dips of choice for most. No matter the dip you love, you can mix in CBD oil. 

Cereals with CBD Oil 

Dry cereal is a favorite for breakfast or a light snack. There’s such a wide variety of cereal options with many natural flavorings that even the pickiest eaters can find one to enjoy. Grab some Fruity Pebbles or a box of Raisin Bran and pour on some Nu-x Blue Raspberry CBD Tincture. Stir it a bit before serving just like that, or add in your milk of choice.

Sparkling Water with CBD Oil  Sparkling Water with CBD Oil

Plain water is uninspiring, so it’s tough for many people to consume the recommended daily amounts to stay hydrated. Sparkling water has been growing in popularity the past few years because of its bubbly nature and subtle sweetness that makes people feel like they are sipping on a soda. Health and wellness are becoming more and more important to people, so people turn to more nutritious items to kick bad habits. CBD-infused sparkling water is a no-brainer. Use some sparkling water of your choice and add about 10 mg of CBD oil. It's a great way to start taking CBD and benefit from what the hemp plant has to offer.

Pet Water and CBD Treats

Speaking of CBD-infused water, you can make some for pets too! Most pet owners love their animals like family and want to treat them as such. Everyone is well aware of the harsh minerals in tap water, so filters are available to attach to your kitchen faucet, or you can invest in a pitcher that filters water for you. Bottled water is the most common way to access water that is more pure and free of toxins. Many pet owners serve bottled water to their beloved animals, but why not jazz it up with CBD? Pour some drops in your bottled water, give it a few shakes and let your furry friend lap it up!

DIY CBD Treat Recipe for Pets

DIY CBD Pet Treat Recipe

Keeping with the theme of pets, you can’t offer them CBD water without a treat to pair with it. CBD-infused pet treats are just as quick and easy to make as human snacks. Often, pet treats are baked, which is one way to infuse the oil; however, we want to skip using the oven and try the freezer instead. 

Here’s our frozen CBD treat recipe and what you’ll need:

A blender is the preferred kitchen tool for this recipe, but a hand mixer or just some good old elbow grease and mixing spoon will work just fine. 

To prepare: 

  1. Pour your yogurt and pumpkin puree into a blender along with the Nu-X chicken-flavored CBD Tincture.  To determine the appropriate serving size, please consult with your veterinarian.  
  2. Blend the ingredients for a few minutes until fully incorporated. Once blended, pour your mixture into your molds or ice tray, and place in the freezer until set. 
  3. Remove it after an hour or two and give it to your pet. 

They’ll thank you with a few wet kisses once they’re done.

What are CBD Gummies? 

CBD Gummies 

CBD gummies are soft, chewy candies infused with CBD oil. They are an excellent alternative for those who don’t like to use the tinctures or inhale CBD but still want to experiment with it. They’re a more convenient option because they can be quickly ingested. Those delicious gummies are usually full of natural compounds, sprinkled with natural flavorings, and offer all the benefits of CBD.

For someone looking to make CBD a regular part of their lifestyle, CBD gummies can be factored into a routine to ensure they’re consuming them the recommended amount of times. The compact size of these CBD edibles might be much easier to remember to take, similar to morning or evening vitamins. CBD gummies can be a less daunting way to fit them into your diet than other CBD products, like oil. The dosing will be easy to adhere to without worrying about mg of CBD per serving, and you can’t ruin its compounds. The gummies are also easy to carry for on-the-go use.

How CBD gummies are made

Nu-x CBD Gummies Multi-Flavor

Much like traditional gummies, the CBD gummy bears are made using gelatin as the main ingredient and a teddy bear mold to form the iconic shape. Gelatin allows it to have that chewy consistency. CBD companies add some sugar to the base to sweeten it up and fruit juice for flavor. A few drops of food coloring make the bears fun colored, and finally, broad-spectrum CBD oil is added just before the bears solidify in the mold. Sometimes CBD gummies contain vitamin C and other beneficial ingredients.

How to use CBD gummies for cooking

CBD gummies have a whimsical essence about them simply because of their color and teddy bear shape. They are an excellent accompaniment for some of everyone’s favorite snacks. Let’s explore a few of those fun treats and drinks to give you more ideas of how to enjoy your CBD gummies.

Popsicles with CBD Gummies  

Popsicles with CBD Gummies

Eating a popsicle is the best way to cool off on a hot day. Some of the most popular ones have natural fruit right inside. What better way to have an ice pop than with CBD gummy bears inside? You can make them very quickly right at home from scratch or with premade store-bought ones. 

You’ll need a liquid to freeze your gummies inside, so something like homemade lemonade, tea, or fruit juice works well. 

You’ll need: 

  • Popsicle molds 
  • Your liquid of choice 
  • Popsicle sticks. 

To prepare: 

  1. Pour your liquid into the mold, add your stick in the center and place a few CBD gummies right into the liquid. 
  2. Freeze until solid. It can take about an hour or so, and then give them a lick. 

After they melt, you can eat CBD gummies as they emerge from the ice. Another way to make ice pops with them is to defrost some ice pops you already purchased and then refreeze them following the same steps above. 

Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream Topping with CBD Gummies 

When indulging in ice cream, most people apply toppings to add texture and taste to excite their palates. The only reason anyone ever eats frozen yogurt is to cover it in a ton of random candies, cookies, and other treats. CBD gummies will make the perfect addition to one of these cold desserts. Just whip up a bowl of your favorite ice cream and sprinkle on some of that gummy goodness. 

Milkshakes are another place to mix in some CBD gummies to make it a bit more exciting.

Cakes with CBD Gummies 

Cakes with CBD Gummies

Baking with CBD gummies is pretty straightforward since you will use them outside of the batter. These delicious gummy bears are a unique way to decorate a cake. You can spell out a name or phrase with them, make a shape or create a rainbow with all of the gummy bear colors. Cupcakes are another treat that would benefit from a simple CBD gummy placed right on top of the icing.

Thumbprint Cookies with CBD Gummies

Thumbprint cookies have been around for a long time and have a one-of-a-kind taste with the buttery, shortbread cookie and a little dab of jelly right on top in the middle. It’s not too sweet, which is a nice break from the sometimes more cloying desserts.

For this idea, you’ll need to decide on a plain cookie recipe you want to replicate, and just before placing them in the oven, press your thumb lightly in the center to make an indentation. Once they come out and are ready to cool, gently mash a CBD gummy right into your thumbprint and let the warmth from the cookies help out bind. Simple as that. 

Add CBD Gummies to Drinks  

Add CBD Gummies to Drinks

Beverages are the best time to let your creativity shine, so why not toss in some CBD gummies? This idea is a great way to present drinks for an event such as a birthday dinner or barbecue. Cocktails are usually fruity and have a twist of the fruit peel that the beverage is made from. A sangria often has whole fruit chunks or slices right inside the pitcher. This drink is an excellent way to get your feet wet with learning how to combine CBD gummies in beverages. 


Cooking with CBD is pretty easy even if you don't know how to start taking CBD to incorporate it into your diet. Just become acquainted with the best way to preserve the properties of the extract to reap all of its benefits. No need to be an expert chef or avid CBD consumer. Grab some oils, tinctures, or CBD gummies and add them to all of your favorite dishes. Be mindful of cooking temperatures, or simply add the oil in at the end once it’s cooled off or make it a part of the topping. 

If cooking with CBD oil has given you pause based on the notion of keeping it away from heat, then don’t use it in foods. CBD oils can also be spun into drinks. Think of the smoothie you love most after an intense workout session. It might taste even better to you knowing that you were able to elevate it with a cannabinoid. There is an abundance of ways to embrace CBD treats as part of your dietary choices. Find the methods you feel most comfortable with using to make the tincture a seamless integration.








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