Free Hand Sanitizer

It's in the hands of our team and community to make a difference

Flatten the Curve

We understand that these are uncertain times for everyone. As our day to day life continues to be impacted, we have taken it upon ourselves as a company to support our local businesses and communities. We are extending our resources in product manufacturing to produce hand sanitizers for organizations and households in need. 

Hand sanitizer

30ML Bottles

How to receive your free sanitizer

Our goal is to help all of those in need, but with limited time and resources we must first provide our products to healthcare professionals who are most likely to be exposed to COVID-19.  We will also reserve a large quantity of products to be distributed to essential businesses and individual households as well, but medical facilities will have initial priority.

In order to receive the product please follow the steps below:

1. Submit your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Physical Address in the contact form below.

2. In the message section (of contact form) below, please include your physical address and specify quantity of bottles needed. Due to the limited supply, we ask that you keep your bottle maximum to 30 (for businesses) and 10 (for individual households).

*Please note that due to shipping limitations, we are restricting in-person delivery to Los Angeles County. 

We will also be offering deliveries to select businesses and hospitals in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

4/20 Update: Capacity Reached

4/20/20 Update: We have reached our production capacity and will no longer be able to take requests for hand sanitizers. We apologize in advance if we were unable to provide you with our donation bottles. Please check back for future updates.