Common Ways to Use & Take CBD

CBD companies are offering a myriad of products intended for different consumption methods. The vast majority of these CBD products are designed for one of three delivery methods: inhaled, oral, or topical. All of these methods are valid ways to use CBD, but they have a few differences that can change a user’s experience. This guide details the most common ways to use CBD.

1. Using CBD Orally

One of the most common ways to use CBD is through the mouth, or orally. It’s an easy and effective way to get CBD into the bloodstream. 

There are two main ways to use CBD orally: swallowed and sublingually (under the tongue).

1.1 Swallowing CBD

Swallowing CBD allows the stomach to absorb it. It then passes through the liver before entering the bloodstream. Using CBD on a full stomach may increase its absorption time. One of the most popular CBD products to swallow are CBD Gel Capsules by nu-x®.

1.2 Sublingual CBD

Using CBD sublingually allows the body to absorb it through the blood vessels under the tongue. Sublingual use will deliver CBD straight to the bloodstream without having to pass through the stomach or liver. One of the most popular sublingaul CBD products are CBD Tinctures, which are available from nu-x®.

CBD Tinctures Video

2. Vaping CBD

Another common way to use CBD is by vaping. In contrast to oral use, where CBD is absorbed in the stomach, vaping CBD will cause it to pass through the lungs. By skipping the stomach and liver, inhaling CBD allows the user to absorb the compound more quickly.

Popular products to vape include CBD e-liquid and CBD concentrate liquid.

CBD E-Liquid Video

3. Topical Use of CBD

CBD is also commonly used topically. Topical solutions like creams or lotions allow for CBD to be absorbed through the skin. With this technique, CBD doesn’t usually reach the bloodstream. Instead, a user can apply CBD to specific places on the body. This is helpful if a user wants to localize the CBD in one place instead of across the entire body.

CBD Products Usage Summary

There are many CBD products designed for oral use. CBD oils, tinctures, or gel capsules are some of the most popular swallowed CBD products. These same products can be used sublingually, with the exception of gel capsules.

Commonly-inhaled CBD products include e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and disposable vape pens for one-time use. These products are fairly similar, and choosing one over the other is generally a matter of personal preference.

At nu-x®, we offer lab-tested CBD tinctures, e-liquids, disposable vape pens, and gel capsules made from high-quality extracts. None of our CBD products are made using artificial flavors or dyes. Instead, we use natural flavor compounds extracted from the plants. To learn more, shop CBD products here.