How Many Milligrams of CBD Should you Buy?

Currently, there is not a precise recommended serving size backed by the FDA. Because of this, it makes it impossible to directly answer the common question of how many milligrams of CBD one should buy and use. What we can currently recommend is to start slow and see how you react to various CBD amounts.

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As we will see below, the size of the bottle can have little to do with the milligrams of CBD per bottle. This is especially true for concentrated versions where thousands or more milligrams of CBD can easily occupy a 10ml bottle where a 30ml bottle can have the only 500mg of CBD per bottle, in some cases.

How to shop for CBD to figure out how much you need

When shopping for CBD products, it is important to understand the bottle CBD milligrams listed on the front and the actual quantity of product. The amount of CBD and amount of product (cbd liquid, topical, edible, cbd concentrates, cbd tincutres, etc) are not the same.

How many mg are in a serving of CBD

If you purchase a 30 ml bottle of CBD and the CBD in the bottle listed totals 500mg, 500mg/1ml contains 16.67mg of CBD per 1ml. The total CBD in the bottle represented by the label as 500mg of CBD per bottle should equal 16.67 x 30ml. This calculation proves that the 30ml bottle does have 500mg of CBD in it.

This leads us to ask, does it matter how many milligrams of volume contents you buy? The answer is both yes and no and we will explain both answers.

Serving sizes and CBD labeling

If you desire 50mg of CBD, 3x per day, and the bottle has 500mg of CBD inside a 30ml bottle, the bottle will last a total of 10 days. If there is 500mg of CBD in a bottle yet the bottle is only 10-milliliters, both examples still have the same amount of CBD total per bottle. This means that the smaller bottle has higher potency per serving than the larger bottle.

Careful extraction and filtration practices must be performed for CBD to maintain integrity through the manufacturing process.

Decide to buy quality

To reiterate, the size of the bottle does not always determine the CBD mg size that the bottle can contain. Brands can form concentrates and more diluted formulations regardless of whether the bottle is 10ml or 30ml making the amount of CBD in mg independent of that variable.

nu-x® Purity CBD

nu-x® believes that the size of the bottle and milligrams can mean little if the quality of the CBD is inferior or non-existent. To provide transparency, nu-x® displays lab testing results (COA) online for consumers which are performed by 3rd party labs unrelated to the nu-x® brand.