CBD E-liquid vs CBD Concentrates

Since the debut of CBD many manufacturers are finding new ways to create CBD products. Two of the most popular are CBD E-Liquid and CBD Concentrate. Both of these CBD product types are typically vaped, however there are important differences between CBD E-liquid vs CBD concentrate.

1. Difference in the base CBD used to create the product

The main difference is the type of base CBD used to create the product. With CBD E-Liquid, a CBD isolate is used and with CBD Concentrate, a full spectrum distillate is used.

2. Difference in the Amount of CBD in each mL of Liquid of an Eliquid vs a Concentrate

The other difference is the amount of CBD in each mL of liquid. With nu-x® CBD E-liquid, there is 1,000mg of CBD in a 30mL bottle and with nu-x® CBD concentrate there is 3,000ml of CBD in a 30mL bottle. Read more to learn about each CBD product type and the differences between each.

About CBD E-Liquids

CBD e-liquids can be produced in virtually any flavor. CBD e-liquids that are carefully blended for the best flavor and the highest quality of CBD are available now, for use in high-wattage tanks and CBD devices. The wattage required is 40w - 80w to properly heat and vaporize this type of CBD product.

Video: CBD E-Liquids by nu-x®

These products are considered full-spectrum, meaning that there will likely be other cannabinoids present besides CBD. There are at least 112 cannabinoids present in cannabis and when the CBD is extracted, many of them find their way into full-spectrum products. 

About CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are highly concentrated blends of CBD only, along with some of the terpenes present in the hemp. Terpenes lend to the flavor, color, and smell of a product.

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CBD concentrates can be used by vaping devices at a much lower wattage, only requiring devices in the 10w to 15w range. This means that smaller vaping devices can be used and that battery life may be extended for longer periods with the CBD concentrate.