RHEA - 3000mg CBD Concentrate

Brand: Nu-X
FORBIDDEN FRUIT - Experience for yourself, an exotic blend of sumptuous cherry and tropical flavors with the Rhea 3,000mg CBD Concentrate by nu-x® in a 10ml bottle.

Rhea’s incredibly elegant profile features undertones of pine, mango, and passionfruit, as well as grapefruit and citrus. Each nu-x® product uses 100% hemp-derived CBD for a completely natural experience that may prove a perfect fit for assisting with achieving your personal goals. Are you ready to experience a fruity, all-natural CBD product? Then add the Rhea 10 ml Concentrate by nu-x® to your cart today!

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What is a CBD Concentrate?

nu-x®, Rhea, CBD Concentrate comes in a bottle packing 3000mg of high quality CBD. Using a 10-15w vape device, load the CBD using instructions. For instance, 1ml of the CBD concentrate will yield a high 300mg of CBD. This amounts to the CBD in an entire bottle of some regular products so following the usage information is highly advised.

How much CBD is right for me?

nu-x® CBD products clearly define the amount of CBD per bottle and per serving, both of which are important measurements. When trying CBD for the first time, start slow! Give your body a chance to adjust to the new product and see how it feels. From there, serving size can be adjusted. Relax, there is plenty of time and there is no need to rush.

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