PANGEA - 1000mg CBD Tincture

Brand: Nu-X
PURE KUSH - Listen: the natural terpenes echo with notes of earth and pine, and you can hear a forest come alive as a cool breeze rushes through the tall evergreens. With the Pangea tincture by nu-x®, you can embrace the purity of nature’s bounty.

This 100% hemp-derived CBD offers an all-natural experience that may be perfect for achieving your personal goals. Let nature and high-quality CBD be your guide with the Pangea tincture by nu-x® today!

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What is the best way to take a tincture?

nu-x® CBD Tinctures come in a convenient dropper bottle and the lid serves as the measurement tool. Our recommendation for tincture use is through using the liquid orally and allowing the mucus membranes to be the first to enjoy the CBD tincture. Order our famous Pangea and see for yourself how easy and fun tinctures are!

How much CBD is right for me?

CBD is becoming a commonly used product but it is important for newbies to start slow. Read the nu-x® product label and look for the amount of CBD per serving. Start small and adjust as needed while tracking the serving sizes along the way. nu-x® delivers high quality products so every drop is quality CBD.

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