OCEANA - 3000mg CBD Concentrate

Brand: Nu-X
OG KUSH - Be the world traveller you’ve always dreamed of being with the Oceana 10 ml bottle contains 3,000mg of CBD Concentrate by nu-x®. This blend of numerous phenotypes has hints of earth, wood and pine, for a complex aroma that results in a sophisticated CBD experience.

Each nu-x® product uses only 100% hemp-derived pure CBD to offer you a completely natural experience that may assist in attaining your personal goals. With the Oceana 10 ml Concentrate by nu-x®, a new and exciting world awaits; will you be open to the possibilities?

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What is a CBD Concentrate?

CBD concentrate is comprised of high quality and high quantities of CBD per serving. The e-liquid by nu-x® can pack up to 3,000mg of Full Spectrum CBD per bottle resulting in a higher per serving. The vape juice concentrate, Oceana, has a total of 300mg of CBD in just one milliliter. This high concentrate can make one bottle last longer but should be used with a 10-15w vape device for optimal benefits.

How much CBD is right for me?

nu-x® CBD products have individual serving size broken down on every product. It is commonly recommended that you start slow and steady to give yourself time to adjust to how your body and CBD get along. The measurements of CBD per serving is the measuring figure one should follow. Gradually work your way up or down depending on results and contact us with questions.

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