Caffeine Inhaler with B12 - Café Coffee Flavor

Caffeine Inhaler with B12 - Café Coffee Flavor

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nu-x® CAFÉ is a new alternative to coffee drinks. Our innovative delivery method allows you to personalize your daily caffeine and b-12 consumption needs. With CAFÉ, you will experience all the vitality and focus you need, without all the sugar and calories. Jump start and hold onto your day with CAFÉ.

•  200 Puffs - that's the equivalent of 20 cups of coffee or energy drinks
•  Efficient Delivery - much more efficient than ingesting caffeine
•  Zero Calories - suitable for almost any diet
•  Vegan Friendly - we didn't forget about our vegans!
•  Lab Verified - highest quality and standards available
We recommend enjoying up to 10 puffs per hour.  10 puffs is approximately equivalent to 1 cup of coffee.  Do not exceed 1 inhaler per 24 hour period.

Our Products DO NOT contain any of the following ingredients:
  Vitamin E Acetate 

More about our Coffee Flavored Caffeine Inhaler
Humans have used coffee since the 15th century. However, since we invented techniques to strain the bean into a drink, we haven’t had much progress developing new ways to consume caffeine. The advent of vaping over the last few years is giving us a new way to consume caffeine, though. Enter the nu-x® Café disposable inhalable pen, a new way to get the caffeine you need in the morning and throughout the day – no mug required.
Our Café disposable inhaler pens are small, portable, and easy to bring everywhere. They’re perfect for stashing in a pocket or purse and don’t require any expensive external batteries. Additionally, they allow users to take small serving sizes – just puff throughout the day whenever you need a boost.
These disposable inhalables combine caffeine’s powerful stimulating effects with the tempering influence of vitamin B12. That helps keep a user’s energy boost under control and ensures that they don’t get jittery. They’re built with today’s fast-paced world in mind and are perfect for college students or young professionals looking for a boost on the go. Never wait in line for a cup of coffee again!
In addition, our Café disposable inhalable pens don’t contain any sugar or calories. The end result is a inhalable pen that’s easy to use even if you’re watching your figure. If you have any food restrictions, don’t worry – our inhalables are compatible with most diets!

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