Guide to Working from Home with nu-x®

The nu-x® Guide to Working from Home During Coronavirus

With the novel coronavirus spreading across the country, employees everywhere are turning to telecommuting to help flatten the curve. Some states and cities are even mandating that certain employees telecommute instead of going to work.

Working from home can be a difficult transition for many, and it’s important to establish good work habits to succeed. We compiled a few helpful tips for working from home and staying productive here.

Keep Up Work Routines

One of the most important things that an employee can do when making the switch to working from home is keeping up work-related routines. One routine that can keep telecommuters in the “work mindset” is dressing up for work.

That doesn’t mean they need to dress in a suit to make phone calls from their home office. However, telecommuters should consider changing out of their pajamas to get the creative and productive juices flowing.

Have a Designated Workspace

Just like it’s important to maintain work-related routines, it’s crucial to keep a designated workspace. Establishing a workspace at home will help telecommuters maintain their focus and stay productive. If they don’t keep a rigorous distinction between their home office and the rest of their houses, telecommuters might see their productivity and work quality suffer.

Have a Clear Work Schedule

This is an easy one to forget. Even though telecommuters work at home, they’re not off the clock. It’s important to stay on-task and working throughout workday hours. That might mean instituting some other rules, like “no TV during the day” or staying off social media until night time. It’s easy to fall into an internet holes when the company isn’t monitoring workers’ web browsing – don’t let that happen!

nu-x® Staff Picks for People Working from Home

To help telecommuters stay productive during the coronavirus quarantine, our staff at nu-x® has put together a package of goodies custom-tailored to working at home.

Item 1: Awake Caffeine Shot

CBD caffeine shotFirst, our mango-flavored Awake shot features a caffeine boost tempered by the relaxing vibes of CBD. With a special formula that prevents caffeine jitters and mid-day crashes, this CBD caffeine shot is the perfect way to maintain momentum at the home office.

Item 2: Caffeine Inhaler

caffeine inhalerNext, our Caffeine Inhaler with B12 offers a quick and easy puff of focus for telecommuters who need to sharpen their senses in the middle of the day.

Item 3: CBD Tincture

Finally, while it’s important for telecommuters to stay productive during the day, it’s just as critical for them to relax once the workday is over. For some chilled-out vibes after the workday ends, we specially designed our nu-x® Flora Tincture.

Each 30-milliliter bottle of CBD tincture is sourced from American-grown hemp plants. They’re the perfect way to kick back and get ready for the next day.

Stay Focused, On Schedule & Increase Productivity

Working from home can be tough to get used to. However, with a few adjustments to their routine and schedule, telecommuters may find that working from home has some advantages over clocking in at the office every morning. If telecommuters can take these tips to heart, their productivity may even increase.