What is CBN Oil?

Since the federal government legalized hemp farming and selling hemp-based products in the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has garnered plenty of interest.

However, it’s only one of more than 100 different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Now, new members of this chemical family are beginning to draw attention in the CBD space. One of them, CBN, is finding its way into products like oil, e-liquid and CBN tinctures.

But what exactly is CBN Oil? Below, we’ve outlined information about this new extract in our CBN Oil guide.

Background on CBN

CBN (or “cannabinol”) is a minor cannabinoid that only occurs in hemp and cannabis plants. It’s a byproduct of THC oxidation, which occurs when flowers are exposed to air and UV light. As a result, CBN appears mainly in older or aged hemp flowers.

CBN is an extremely rare cannabinoid. While common cannabinoids like CBD may comprise up to 25 percent of a hemp plant, CBN maxes out at just 1 percent. This is partially because the THC content of hemp plants is so low. With hemp plants containing less than 0.3 percent THC, there’s not much of this essential precursor available to degrade into CBN.

Although CBN is new to the commercial cannabis world, it’s not a new discovery. An American chemist first isolated CBN in 1899 and thought that it was what caused cannabis’ psychoactive effects.

His conclusions were incorrect, though. CBN has no psychoactive properties, unlike the THC that it degrades from. 

What is CBN Oil?

Before 2019, it was difficult to find CBN Oil. However, with the recent spike in interest around CBD, CBN began to appear in more products with CBN Oil and CBN Tinctures starting to become the most mainstream.

CBN Oil is made by using CO2 to extract cannabinoids from aged hemp plant matter. It’s the same process that extractors use to make CBD Oil. Next, the extractor may remove other cannabinoids from the extract to give it a higher CBN concentration. Then, the extractor adds another a food-grade oil like MCT or hemp seed oil to the cannabinoids. 

Only broad-spectrum and full-spectrum extracts will contain CBN – any products made from CBD isolate won’t feature this cannabinoid. 

Where to Buy CBN Oil Online

Because of its status as a relative newcomer in the CBD products space, CBN Oil isn’t as widely available as more common cannabinoids. Usually, you won’t find it in a store. Instead, the best way to find CBN Oil is online.

At nu-x®, we started our foray into CBN-infused products by developing a CBN + CBD Tincture. It features 50 milligrams of CBN and 1,000 milligrams of CBD per bottle, and offers a powerful cannabinoid experience thanks to the synergy between these two compounds. Our CBN + CBD Tinctures are made non-GMO and vegan, made from hemp grown in the USA. We also offer free shipping anywhere in the US for orders over $50. To learn more, check out our CBN Tincture page here