How is pure CBD made?

CBD is made from the stems, seeds, and flowers of industrial Hemp plants. CBD must be extracted and manufactured a certain way to remain intact and be considered “pure”. There are multiple steps to the CBD manufacturing process and each one weighs heavily on how it impacts purity.

how is pure cbd made nu-x

nu-x® only sources from reputable manufacturers who follow GMP practices and have lengthy experience and expertise in processing CBD specifically. Because of this, nu-x® CBD is a brand that can be trusted as real, pure and of high quality. This post provides insight into how pure CBD is made.

1. Extraction and Validation of CBD Contents

The first important note to mention with purity is that CBD must be naturally extracted. It cannot be synthetically manufactured to look like CBD, it must be extracted as pure CBD to be sold as CBD.

  1. Hemp arrives at the manufacturer & source is verified
  2. Verify that the content of cannabidiol listed is the amount shown in the product through testing and verifying the amount in a batch total
  3. Testing for other cannabinoids that may be present to mark the CBD as "full spectrum" rather than isolate
    1. CBD isolate contains no THC. When terpenes are added back into the pure CBD compound it is considered a broad spectrum CBD blend.
  4. Verify the purity of the product is intact and has no heavy metals, solvents, or pesticides in its contents.

This is known as testing purity.

2. Grind it, Smash it, Vac it

After purity testing of the raw hemp is complete, the hemp flower is ground and spread to increase the surface area of the contents for further processing. Then the flower is submitted into the extraction machine which will use ethanol or CO2 to dissolve the required extracts. This is done at a very high pressure to get out all the active ingredients possible to send through to the dewaxing and filtration process.

Next, the oil is dissolved in a solvent that is food grade and then the contents are frozen to produce a high-quality potency of oil upon filtration. The product is then filtered using one of a few options of filtration methods, usually dependent on the solution and consistency.

These filtration options include:

  • vacuum
  • gravity
  • wintered
  • pour through

This can be done repeatedly until the purity level desired is achieved.

3. Distillation

The next step in the process is the distillation process and the manner of how this is done is crucial to the integrity of the CBD and other terpenes. Distillation is where many inexperienced and inconsistent brands can go wrong because if the temperature is not at a level to protect the integrity of the nutrient-rich cannabinoids and terpenes, then the CBD oil loses much of its value and potency along with other valuable components present in full and broad-spectrum products.

4. Isolation of CBD

After distillation, the isolation process begins. The isolation process will isolate CBD to 99% or more purity level and can only be done by specialized equipment and staff that is well versed in the CBD processes. Isolate can be sold to product distributors in raw form to derive their custom formulations. Some examples of formulas are capsules, tinctures and topicals.

Summary on CBD Purity

All steps in the manufacturing process of CBD are crucial to final quality and integrity of the compounds. We hope you will try nu-x® for your CBD needs and trust you are getting a high quality and pure product.