How much CBD do you need?

There is no surprise that consumers want to explore serving sizes and what works best for them when it comes to trying CBD. Because CBD is not backed by the FDA, nu-x® cannot, and will not, make any claims solidifying any benefits or serving recommendations for CBD.

This being said, it is only natural for consumers to want some sort of guidance on how much CBD is good to use, how to use it and how much is needed. In this article, our team of experts at nu-x® will share what we know from our research and experience but not scientifically validated by any authoritative organization such as the FDA.

How much CBD do you need - woman using tincture

Serving size

There are no set recommended measurement requirements for CBD product consumption based on any condition or research that is backed by the FDA to date. Tests are still being done and science studied to prove any claims. Because of this, the best piece of advice we can share with you is that everyone is different and experimenting with a low initial serving is the best idea in most cases due to body chemistry and body responses differing among individuals.

Starting slowly with CBD should give you a chance to see how your body responds to it interacting with your endocannabinoid system.

A Note About Quality

It’s important to consider the type, quality and formulation of CBD when trying to determine how much is needed. CBD comes in:

  1. full-spectrum
  2. broad-spectrum
  3. isolated forms

These 3 formulations all differ in the way they are manufactured and during extraction.

All manufacturing methods should be performed by experienced and dependable suppliers to yield consistently high-grade test results by third party labs. The CBD purity will impact how much CBD needed because if you are taking hemp oil, which has no CBD, then you will take large amounts and won’t see a CBD produced result due to it lacking vs taking a hemp oil with CBD present.

The reality is that brands must be clear and open to consumers to understand what type, quality and amount of CBD is in the product. Overall, it is recommended to start off with a small amount and build up from there to determine how much CBD you may need.

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