CBN Tincture vs CBD Tincture – What are the Differences?

Glacier CBD tincture by nu-x

When the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of hemp, it also became legal to buy CBN and CBD products like Tinctures. While both of these organic compounds are part of a chemical family called cannabinoids, there are some significant differences between CBD and CBN.

CBD has established its place as the most popular cannabinoid today. However, CBN is a little bit more mysterious. Below, we’ll explain those differences in our guide to CBD Tinctures and CBN Tinctures.

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Cannabinoid Comparison – CBD and CBN

CBN is a minor cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants. While major cannabinoids like CBD make up about 20 percent or more of a plant’s mass, CBN content usually maxes out at about 1 percent. CBN occurs when another cannabinoid, THC, degrades from exposure to air or ultraviolet light. As a result, it’s commonly found in old or aged cannabis flower.

In contrast, CBD is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in hemp plants. It’s found in mature hemp plant flower, before it goes through the aging process that causes CBN.

Tincture – Background

Humans have been using Tinctures for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians created the first recorded Tincture out of alcohol and herbs. Today, Tinctures can be made by mixing and extract with alcohol or some type of carrier oil. They’re commonly used as a delivery method for nutritional supplements. At nu-x®, none of our tinctures are made with alcohol. Instead, we use MCT oil as a carrier in our tinctures.

A user can take CBD or CBN Tinctures orally or sublingually. Oral use involves swallowing the Tincture, where the stomach absorbs it and sends it to the liver to be process and passed into the blood stream. Sublingual use involves applying a Tincture directly under the tongue. There, the high concentration of blood vessels can absorb the Tincture directly into the bloodstream. The end result is a faster onset than oral use, but a shorter duration.

CBN Tincture vs CBD Tincture – The Breakdown

Here, we’ve outlined the key similarities and differences between CBN and CBD Tinctures. They include:

CBD Tincture

  • Extracted from hemp flower after it’s harvested and cured
  • Common, major cannabinoid – 20 percent of a plant’s biomass or more
  • Can be taken orally or sublingually

CBN Tincture

  • Extracted from hemp flower after it’s aged and exposed to UV light
  • Extremely uncommon – maximum 1 percent of plant’s biomass
  • Can be taken orally or sublingually



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