Complete Guide to CBN Gummies

While the CBD industry is experiencing a rapid growth spurt, the actual number of CBD products available are limited. As a result, CBD companies are constantly on the lookout for something to offer their customers. One of these compounds in particular, CBN, is gathering particular interest from concentrate companies. In addition, they’re assessing what kinds of products users seem to enjoy the most, and there’s one conclusion: CBN gummies.

What are CBN Gummies?

CBD is part of a family of organic compounds called cannabinoids. This chemical family contains more than 100 members. While all of these compounds are related, some of them may have different effects than their chemical cousins. CBN is one of those cousins.

CBN gummies are an emerging trend in the CBD market. CBD gummies are already one of the most popular types of CBD edibles among consumers. By producing gummies that are high in CBN, companies can attract consumers.

    Where does CBN come from?

    CBN is usually found in aged cannabis flowers. That’s because it’s formed when THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis is, left exposed to air. One study that tested 2,700-year-old cannabis from an ancient grave in Asia showed that CBN was present in significantly higher qualities than other cannabinoids.

    Isolates made from CBN are starting to make an appearance in the market. CBN was actually the first cannabinoid to be isolated by scientists in the 1970s. Companies can use this isolate to make CBN tinctures and edibles. However, these products are still fairly unknown to the average consumer.

    CBN’s Role in Gummies

    One of CBN’s main strengths is enhancing the effects of other cannabinoids. This means that when companies incorporate CBN into their products like gummies, the compound can make the product’s effects more powerful. This can be helpful for users who find that traditional CBD products don’t have strength they’re looking for.

    Because CBN occurs naturally in hemp plants, any full-spectrum extract will include a percentage of CBN. Many broad-spectrum extracts will also include the organic compound. However, you won’t find CBN in any CBD isolates – that’s because these products are designed to only include CBD.

    At nu-x®, we are developing CBN gummies as a compliment to the rest of our product line. Customers can use the gummies as standalone products or as part of a multi-step regimen.