CBD Tincture vs CBD Oil

The terms CBD oil and CBD tincture get thrown around a lot in the hemp space. While there is plenty of overlap between the two, they are not actually the same. This can seem overwhelming at first, but do not worry, we did the research for you. There are a few key differences that set them apart, each of which are outlined below.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an extract made from hemp plants. Although referred to as CBD oil, many extracts actually contain hundreds of other organic compounds found naturally in hemp plants. Using one of several techniques, companies remove the plant matter from CBD and other organic compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD extract is then added to a carrier oil, like coconut oil, MCT oil, or hemp seed oil.

CBD Vape Juice by nu-x®

CBD oil is the most potent form of CBD. It can also be used as a component in other CBD products. For example, CBD oil is a key component of CBD vape juice and infused edibles. However, it can also be utilized on its own.

CBD Tincture – What is it?

The term tincture does not originate with CBD. In fact, the term applies to any kind of nutrient or supplement kept in alcohol. CBD tincture, therefore, is a solution of liquid CBD extract. These solutions are formed with several carriers including glycerin and oils. Each bottle typically includes a dropper top to help a user measure their CBD.

CBD Tincture Products at nu-x®

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CBD tincture is made for oral or sublingual use. That means you can either swallow it or leave it under your tongue. Often, users can add tincture to their food or drinks. The latter method allows for the best absorption, because it lets CBD enter a user's bloodstream without passing through their liver.

Some tinctures are even designed with pets in mind, and make a delicious additive to a furry friend’s diet. Tinctures don’t always need to be exclusive to CBD, though. Several other cannabinoids are beginning to draw attention, including CBN Tinctures and CBG Tinctures.

At nu-x®, we offer nearly ten different flavors of CBD tinctures ranging in flavor from blue raspberry to natural hemp.

CBD Tincture vs Oil – The Differences

While CBD oil and tincture have some similarities, they are not exactly the same.

CBD Oil:

  • Refers to an extremely potent CBD extract made from hemp plants.
  • May be used as an ingredient in other CBD products, like vape juice.
  • Can be full-spectrum or broad-spectrum.
  • Most potent and expensive form of CBD.
  • Composed of CBD and other cannabinoids, like CBN and CBG.
  • Has an oily, earthy taste.
  • Usually more expensive than tincture

CBD Tincture:

  • Refers to CBD mixed in a solution combined with a carrier
  • Made from low-potency CBD.
  • Can be used sublingually or orally.
  • Often include added flavors.
  • Can be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate.
  • Higher bioavailability than CBD oil.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Cheaper than high-potency CBD oil.

Now that you understand the difference between CBD oil and tincture, you can make more informed decisions about your CBD purchases. Check out all of nu-x®’s premium CBD products.